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Issue 110, July/August 2008
The Threat of True Democracy

The temperature in the Middle East rises with the price of oil, while threats ooze out about an air strike against Iran. We present three reasons why Israel can't attack that country.

Issue 109, May/June 2008
Labor Shakes Egypt

As Israel celebrates its 60th year, Palestinians the world over commemorate their Nakba (catastrophe). Israel's birthday party is pooped. No feeling of triumph fills the air. The former President is accused of rape. The former Finance Minister is charged with theft. The Prime Minister is enmeshed in yet another corruption scandal.

Issue 108, March/April 2008
Special issue: International Women's Day

WE devote this Challenge to International Women's Day, but we cannot ignore Israel's bloody invasion of Gaza in early March. Because the Hamas-Iran axis opposes the Israeli-American one, it may give the false impression of being anti-imperialist. The Islamist regimes, though poorer than America, are every bit as capitalist. Only a Third Choice, says our editorial, can pull the region out of quagmire.

Issue 107, January/February 2008
After Annapolis

HERE is the Zionist nightmare, as put by PM Ehud Olmert: If the Two-State Solution does not become reality, the occupied Palestinians will demand the right to vote in a single state, and the nations of the world will eventually agree. The Annapolis Conference has kicked off a desperate attempt to stop The Fading of that solution. Given the schism between Fatah and Hamas, this may be too late.

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