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Issue 94, November/December 2005

Imposing Democracy, Reaping Chaos

Having played his Disengagement Card, says our editorial, Ariel Sharon has been trying to make a Card of the upcoming Palestinian Elections, indicating that Israel will prevent them if the PA doesn’t disarm Hamas and it is allowed to take part. In other words, “You want elections? First, have a civil war.” Elsewhere in the region, too (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon), those who Impose Democracy will wind up Reaping Chaos.

Despite the freeze on political progress, the non-release of political prisoners, and the erection of the separation barrier, The Israeli Left Can’t Get Enough of Ariel Sharon. And near his house in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, yeshiva students are Digging Up the Past beneath Palestinian homes. Their associates have tried before to blow up the mosques in the al-Aqsa compound in order to rebuild the Temple. The beliefs are so bizarre we may tend to dismiss them, but they threaten to Destroy the Future.

Israel’s Supreme Court judges have had to become Contortionists, caught between the decision of the Hague court against Israel’s separation wall and, on the other hand, the national consensus. We follow this difficult performance.

Confrontations between the army and anti-wall protestors have been going on for months in the West Bank village of Bil’in. We Converse with participants.

Finally, the Workers Advice Center has been opening new jobs for women in agriculture. We talk with Wafah Tayara, a mother of four, about what it was like To Go to Work for the first time in her life. In spite of WAC’s proven success here and in construction, harassment against it continues. The Registrar for Non-Profit Organizations has opened Round Two in his attempt to shut WAC down. We present a selection of letters from the many Israeli organizations and individuals who have told him to let WAC get on with its work. (See also the WAC website.)

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