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Issue 98, July/August 2006

Democracy Can't Be Hijacked

If forty years of occupation amount to an anomaly in the modern world, then we should not be surprised to see a government under arrest. But those who elected Hamas remain. Democracy Cannot Be Hijacked, says our editorial. After decades of making hell on earth, Israel has only itself to blame if the Palestinians vote for pie in the sky.

Elections were the idea of US President George W. Bush, who was apparently misled by God. In Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, and now… Somalia, he continues to fight a Lost War.

We have often talked about the effect of closure on the Occupied Territories. There is also Medical Closure. If you live in the West Bank or Gaza, you'd "better stay young and healthy forever," says a member of the Physicians for Human Rights.

Some issues ago we discussed Israel's Citizenship and Entry Law, which places a wall through Arab families. The High Court has recently upheld it, revealing Racism in High Places.

A year ago the Wisconsin Plan ("from welfare to workfare") was imported to Israel as an experiment. On the basis of an interim report, we conclude that it leads From Welfare to Nowhere. The privatization of welfare services occurs in tandem with The Breaking of Organized Labor in Israel. A current example is the case of thirty workers in Educational TV who reject, with WAC's assistance, the Revolving Door policy that brings them dismissals every two years. One of those fired, Ayelet Giladi, tells what it's like to hear, Go to the Personnel Office.

The Mission, a new documentary by Video48, follows a trade-union delegation that came to Israel/Palestine in April 2004 to examine the labor market. And Sindyanna of Galilee spreads the word that Baskets are "in." The baskets are woven by Arab women using the strong and sturdy bases of palm fronds. They make a wonderful holiday gift, especially filled with Sindyanna products! For details see www.sindyanna.com

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