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Issue 97, May/June 2006

Hamas: The Curse of Victory

Iraqis, Palestinians and Israelis all went to the polls in the past four months. Each group in its own way, claims our editorial, suffered Election Backlash. In Palestine, the all too victorious Hamas now Encounters a Reality that puts it before two choices: either step down or stop being Hamas. As for Israel, a "Big Bang" was supposed to establish an unbeatable centrist bloc. That turned out to be a Big Fizzle. Thus another chapter passes in the endless Israeli exercise of refusing to face the Palestinian problem. How, in all this, did the Workers' Party fare? We assess the ODA campaign and publish the memoir of its No. 1 candidate, the only woman heading a party list. Another campaigner adds her thoughts, telling us that from now on Arab female workers are Not in Anyone's Pocket.

The bulldozers didn't stop for elections. In shutting Palestinians out of Jerusalem, Israel will cut the Heart from a Viable Palestinian State. The Choice for a free Palestine is Now (PDF, 653 kB).

On March 8, Women's International Day, 100 Arab Women went out to Demonstrate for Jobs near the government offices in Tel Aviv. They challenged the authorities to open a path for women in agriculture.

Last but not least, Sindyanna of Galilee introduces two new projects. First, it has linked the marketing of olive-oil soap to support for local Arab artists. Second, it has launched its first exhibit of palm-frond baskets, made by women who have learned the craft for the sheer satisfaction and to supplement the family income. So, what are you waiting for? www.sindyanna.com

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