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Palestine in Suicide
Roni Ben Efrat


The Privatizing of the Israeli Mind
Poet Aharon Shabtai discusses the influence of the Occupation on Israeli culture
Nir Nader

Anthology of Class-Conscious Poetry
Navit Barel

40 years of occupation

The Two-Edged Sword of 1967
Yacov Ben Efrat


Palestinian Quarry Workers Organize
Assaf Adiv

human rights

The Loophole
Torture in Israel
Yossi Wolfson

Sindyanna News

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Issue 104, July/August 2007

The Breaking of the Palestinian National Project

There is a tragic correlation between the 40th anniversary of the Occupation and the civil war in June that split the Gaza Strip from the West Bank. After forty years, Israel has finally succeeded in breaking the Palestinian national project. Now we find Palestine in Suicide, as our editorial puts it, but the grim satisfaction that Israelis take in the tragedy is infected with short-sightedness: their country's national/colonial enterprise cannot long survive without a Palestinian counterpart that accepts its legitimacy.

The 1967 victory has become a Two-Edged Sword for Israel. It has contributed to moral decay and class polarization. In The Privatizing of the Israeli Mind, poet Aharon Shabtai finds this emptiness in the country's literary mainstream.

Outside that mainstream, Aduma: An Anthology of Class-Conscious Poetry, gathers more than a hundred poems by Jews and Arabs, bringing a fresh voice into Israeli discourse. We present translations of four poems.

In a West Bank quarry under Israeli ownership, dozens of Palestinian Workers suffer from a lack of safety regulations and basic labor rights. Now they Organize.

Eight years ago the High Court of Israel ordered an end to torture. Two New Reports on Torture in Israel show how a Loophole in the court's decision has allowed the Shin Bet to continue the practice. "end"

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