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Issue 107, January/February 2008

After Annapolis


ERE is the Zionist nightmare, as put by PM Ehud Olmert: If the Two-State Solution does not become reality, the occupied Palestinians will demand the right to vote in a single state, and the nations of the world will eventually agree. The Annapolis Conference has kicked off a desperate attempt to stop The Fading of that solution. Given the schism between Fatah and Hamas, this may be too late.

Disregarding Hamas and other such inconveniences, the Peres Insitute for Peace has provided surfers a computer game called The PeaceMaker. We learn from it that peace is virtually possible. Not so virtually, however, Israel pursues a policy of Economic Warfare in Gaza.

On the home front we have just concluded a massive two-month Teachers' Strike, which took place From the Grass Roots Up, opening new possibilities for the social struggle in Israel.

Olive trees bear well in alternate years. This year was expected to be bad, but it is worse. Irrigation could soften the blow, but the Arab sector lacks water. We examine the factors behind the leap in The Price of Olive Oil.

A new debate has started around the issue of National Service for Arabs. Most do not serve-and are not wanted-in the army. The new program, says the government, will give Arab youngsters benefits like those ex-soldiers get. On examination, it turns out to be A Fig Leaf for Inequality.

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto has spotlighted America's role in Pakistan and environs. The author of Afghan Boomerang returns to the scene of the crime and finds that Pakistan Is Not Alone.

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