Yacov Ben Efrat

online 2017

The Saudis and the Arab spring
online 09.11.17

Israel is being dragged into the Syrian war
online 26.10.17

The line linking two films: Foxtrot and The Attack
online 23.09.17

Going with the wind
online 09.09.17

Our pal Mohammad Dahlan returns to the fray
online 14.07.17

Gaza: Darkness before the storm
online 24.06.17

Abu Mazen: The peace camp's partner or gravedigger?
online 31.05.17

Barghouti will not bring salvation
online 26.04.17

It's the Settlements, Stupid!
online 01.04.17

Comptroller's report on the last Gaza war: More is hidden than revealed
online 04.03.17

The law to legalize settlements: Inching toward a one-state solution
online 11.02.17

Stuck with Bibi, stuck with Occupation
online 14.01.17

online 2016

The fate of Syria will be decided in Astana
online 30.12.16

Aleppo Falls, Syria Weeps
online 18.12.16

The new axis of evil: Trump, Putin, Netanyahu
online 28.11.16

Trump and the white minority's revenge
online 11.11.16

An empty chair at Peres' funeral
online 09.10.16

Between Guernica and Aleppo
online 30.09.16

On Netanyahu, Trump, Putin, and Other Delusional People
online 17.09.16

Obama's legacy: Trump and the Islamic State
online 05.08.16

Netanyahu mends fences, but not where it counts
online 13.07.16

Four Generals and a Netanyahu
online 25.06.16

Herzog's Pipe Dream
online 09.06.16

Netanyahu sacks Ya'alon and makes new enemies
online 28.05.16

Gaza: A hot potato
online 26.04.16

Between Betrayal and Brutalization
online 01.04.16

Putin: I Came, I Destroyed, I Left
online 19.03.16

States of denial:
Israel and the impending collapse of the Palestinian Authority

online 07.03.16

Obama fiddles while Syria burns
online 20.02.16

Apartheid by consent
online 20.01.16

Israel: Economic reality trumps racist ideology
online 04.01.16

online 2015

The Israeli Right goes berserk
online 20.12.15

When a child is the enemy
online 28.11.15

Obama gives up on the Middle East, Netanyahu gives up on peace
online 16.11.15

The political black hole
online 02.11.15

The prime minister, the sheikh, and the messiah(s)
online 20.10.15

How Israel and Saudi Arabia lost their standing in Washington
online 24.07.15

The West Bank - Gaza Divorce
online 29.06.15

Netanyahu’s new dysfunctional government
Get ready for new elections

online 15.05.15

Now it's the Palestinians' turn
online 12.04.15

online 2014

ISIS in Israel
online 08.07.14

Bibistan: Chasing Hamas, finishing Abu Mazen
online 21.06.14

Obama’s Iraqi-Syrian quagmire
online 15.06.14

Abu Mazen shuffles the deck
online 29.04.14

The boycott: To what end?
online 07.02.14

The boycott: To what end? (continued)
online 07.02.14

When Kerry fell in love with Lieberman
online 08.01.14

online 2013

Syria: A fractured opposition and American responsibility
online 23.12.13

Obama hamstrung but Assad will fall
online 13.09.13

Assad must go
online 30.08.13

Abu Mazen’s failed gamble
online 22.07.13

Egypt has lost its way
online 13.07.13

The Turkish spring is shuffling the deck
online 11.06.13

Israel, Assad, and the world
online 12.05.13

Lapid’s war against the workers
online 01.05.13

Obama’s Turkish Delight
online 30.03.13

When will this become an Intifada?
online 04.03.13

What’s left on the Palestinian side of the Separation Barrier?
online 17.02.13

US prepares Oslo-style agreement for Syria
online 10.02.13

online 17.01.13

online 2012

Riding the wave to the Knesset: The Daam campaign
online 23.12.12

November 29 at the UN: A warning to Israeli society
online 29.11.12

Netanyahu and Haniyeh: The common denominator
online 18.11.12

The Bibi-Lieberman Bombshell
online 30.10.12

Bad movie blues
online 21.09.12

The hot Palestinian summer
online 15.09.12

Time to dump the Oslo Accords
online 09.09.12

Bibi and Ahmadinejad: Feeding off each other
online 08.08.12

Eyewitness: Syria is imploding
online 20.06.12

"Social justice" requires an end to the Occupation
online 09.06.12

The Unholy Trinity: Barak, Bibi, Mofaz
online 11.05.12

Another Round in Gaza
online 19.03.12

The Doha Declaration has no future
online 18.02.12

Urgent: To build a Jewish-Arab leftwing alternative!
Political report to the Central Committee of Da'am (ODA), Jan. 22, 2012

online 04.02.12

The Muslim Brotherhood and Democracy
online 15.01.12

online 2011

"Get to the Damn Table!"
online 12.12.11

Egypt: Between Tragedy and Farce
online 30.11.11

Requiem for the Palestinian Authority
online 23.11.11

Social-protest leaders strengthen Netanyahu
online 04.11.11

Democracy challenges Islam:
The Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia

online 03.11.11

The protest and the revolution
online 17.10.11

Social protest leaders are losing their way
online 16.10.11

Israel's Nightmare Scenario
online 26.09.11

The protest march of September 3—where to?
online 05.09.11

The democratic Arab revolutions open new horizons
online 24.08.11

The Tent Intifada
Bibi's Intelligence Failure

online 02.08.11

Netanyahu Stonewalls a Changing World
online 05.05.11

Israele è pronto per un nuovo Medio Oriente?
online 20.03.11

Is Israel ready for the New Middle East?
online 07.03.11

Egypt: The distance between democracy and social justice
online 07.02.11

online 2010

Tea Partiers release Fascist Genie from Bottle
online 10.11.10

Lieberman's "Truth"
online 03.10.10

The Trouble with the March for Gilad Shalit
online 07.07.10

After the Flotilla of Blood: No More Excuses for Israel
online 04.06.10

The Real "Non-starter": Obama and the Imposed Solution
online 21.04.10

Noxious Comparisons
The Holocaust in Israeli Political Discourse

online 03.02.10

The New Abu Mazen?
online 20.01.10

online 2009

Abu Mazen Throws in the Towel
online 13.11.09

Arab Parties in Israel Avoid the Main Issue: Poverty
online 04.11.09

The Goldstone Report: Fierce but Toothless
online 25.09.09

A Palestinian State Within Two Years?
online 31.08.09

Settlements First
online 09.07.09

Iran and America: The Will to Change
online 25.06.09

A-Salaam Aleykom
online 16.06.09

Obama and Bibi: Political Divergence, Strategic Symbiosis
online 25.05.09

Obama for Change, Netanyahu for More of the Same
online 08.05.09

Israel and Hamas Won, So Who Lost?
online 28.01.09

The War in Gaza: Egypt to pull the Chestnuts out of the Fire
online 09.01.09

Israele contro Gaza: una campagna per perpetuare l’occupazione
online 08.01.09

Israel's Responsibility for the War in Gaza
online 01.01.09

online 2008

Israel over Gaza: A Campaign to Perpetuate the Occupation
online 29.12.08

"It Can't Happen Here": Israel and the Global Financial Crisis
online 07.11.08


Regimes in Trouble
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The Fading of the Two-State Solution
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Pakistan Is Not Alone
Issue 107, January/February 2008


Witches' Brew in Lebanon
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The Two-Edged Sword of 1967
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The Leader Israel Deserves
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Windows of Flopportunity
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Lebanon II: The Wider Picture
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The War No One Wanted
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Bush's Lost War
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Workers' Party: Assessing the Campaign
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A Workers' Party: From Concept to Necessity
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A Misguided Consensus
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In the Footsteps of Sharon
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Imposing Democracy, Reaping Chaos
Issue 94, November/December 2005

Hurricane Gaza
Issue 93, September/October 2005

The Democracy Scam
Issue 92, July/August 2005

Hamas: Present Absentee
The Summit at Sharm al-Sheikh

Issue 90, March/April 2005

online 0000

Bibi: Master of incitement
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